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Wonderfulshare PDF Editor Pro - How to edit your PDF documents

Wonderfulshare PDF Editor Pro - How to edit your PDF documents

Dedicated to assiting you get to know how to use our application and edit your PDF documents as soon as possible.


We installed the software quickly and easily. Although our Smart Screen filter gave s a warning when we started the installation, the process went smoothly and the program did not try to install any third-party application. We scanned it with our antivirus before starting the installation and did not detect any malicious content.

Using Wonderfulshare PDF Editor Pro

When we launched the program, its main window displayed an overview of its powerful features that we could use to perform various things, including:

  • Rotate PDF
  • Erase PDF
  • Add PDF Note
  • Add Shapes and Images to PDF
  • Protect files with passwords

When we opened a PDF file, the program quickly opened it and displayed its page thumbnails on the right part of the user interface, which we clicked to quickly jump to the desired page. Once a file was loaded, the features that were formerly grayed out in the tool bar became active, allowing us to perform various tasks.

The Eraser made it easy to erase PDF sections that we wanted to remove. We selected the size of the eraser that we wanted to use by picking the appropriate pixels in a drop-down list. Erasing was as easy as clicking and dragging the cursor over the area to be erased. Depending on the sizes of the selected eraser and item to be erased, we could simply make a single click to complete the process.

The ability to rotate PDF files was especially handy when dealing with scanned files. We rotated files at 90-degree angles in the clockwise direction by clicking the “Rotate” button.

We added a PDF note by selecting the “Add Text” tool before clicking and dragging on the area where we wanted to edit PDF. A pop-up window appeared thereafter, allowing us to enter the required text and clicking “OK.” We could move the text box around to position it exactly where we wanted.

Adding an image was easy. We selected the “Add Image” tool and clicked on the opened page to open our file browser to choose the required image. We could resize the image and move it around. Adding shapes also simply required selecting the required shape and dragging the cursor at the required position.

The PDF editor let us add a password for opening a file or performing specific tasks in a file.


Wonderfulshare PDF Editor Pro is a simple application that allows users to edit PDF files without the need for advanced technical knowledge. The free version adds a watermark when saving edited files.

Wonderfulshare PDF Editor

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